Tailwheel transition course is provided in a 1958 Champion 7CCM "Champ" at the South Haven Area Regional Airport (KLWA). Applicants must have a pilot certificate and weigh less than 225 lbs.  There is no FAA required written test or flight test for tailwheel operations. An endorsement from a flight instructor is required for a pilot to act as pilot-in-command (PIC) of a tailwheel airplane unless a pilot has logged PIC time prior to April 15, 1991 (FAR 61.31).

The South Haven airport offers an ideal location for training with both a paved and grass runway. Tailwheel training will be some of the most fun flying you will experience and the stick and rudder skills you acquire will improve all of your flying.

Minimum course time required is three hours of ground instruction and six hours of flight instruction, which is typically given in three sessions. Cost for minimum course time is $ 1,495.00

Please note that six hours of flight time is considerd to be the minimum to reach the required competency for a tailwheel endorsement. Some applicants require more time to develop the necessary skills. Additional dual instruction with airplane rental as needed provided at $ 165.00 per hour. Airplane is not availabe for solo rental.

The general topics covered in the course apply to most tailwheel airplanes, however you should seek specific make and model instruction for any other tailwheel aircraft that you may fly.

Tailwheel endorsement can be combined with a Flight Review.


Tailwheel Transition Course 

Tailwheel Operations 



Transition to tailwheel airlines - FAA H 8083 CH 13 Airplane Flying Handbook. Understand the differences between tricycle and convention (tailwheel) operations.



Resources and Forms

Tailwheel Syllabus 

Flight Training Application

Jensen Aviation flight training application to be completed by applicant prior to first scheduled flight.

Liability Release Form

Release form to be completed by applicant or guardian prior to first scheduled flight.

Jensen Aviation tailwheel training outline